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Eric Arceneaux- A Black man who is a great singer and does video lessons on youtube and on videos you can buy! He is the original creator of the Arceneaux Approach!

                        He’s a Black man

and his name is Eric Arcenaux. It’s so so

impressive how talented he is, singing and

giving voice lessons. It is beyond great.

IF you buy his dvds/videos, you would

learn alot from him. I can tell already

because of his youtube videos. A round of

applause and standing ovation is what I

give him for his diligence, energy and aptitude.

                  In the above video

he answers questions about voice. In

his other videos he demonstrates voice

lessons, and even gives some examples

in the above video.

          In his other videos he gives lessons on

voice vibrato, freeing vocal range,

diaphragm vocal tips, etc.

                 You can find him on

myspace at this url:

His  youtube homepage is here:

Get the training you need for your voice. Eric Arcenaux offers

these opportunities:

               He does private vocal lessons. You can read testimonals, buy

THe  Arcenaux Approach cd on voice lessons, and buy the videos on

voice lesson. His videos help you master runs and riffs, learn to belt

and extend your chest voice range, strenghten your mixed voice,

develop your own vocal style, do easy downloads, as well as watch

and listen to advance training methods of voice. ANd this is where

you can buy his videos and cds on vocal training:

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