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Horton and Suki-first African American skiers

My New Skis

          Horton and his Sister, 17 year oldSuki are primed to become the

first African Americans on the

United States Ski and Snowboard

Team. They are getting support

from the National Brotherhood of


                    The Brotherhood has 14,000

members and is the largest skiing

organization in the country for

African Americans.

                     Suki, at 15 years old, was the first

Black person to make the skiing an

snowboarding development team. It was

a stepping stone that gave her a good

chance as anyone to become the first Black

Olympic skier in America.

                  The reason African Americans

have not made the Ski Team is Because

they don’t see it on tv, it says in the

article by Suki. She also says that

A Black Person does not want to be

the only one skiiing down the

mountain. But, indeed, it really

has to start somewhere.

                If they see at least one

African American in the sport,

that will inspire more African

AMericans in the sport.

               My comment about this article:
(See, that’s why media is so important.
I’m going into media so I can show
all the great stuff of my Black people
and things about Black history,etc)

              Andre is racing with a Western regional

team. Last month, he was the 1st as

well as 2nd in two downhill races at

the Doug Smith Memorial in Big

Mountain Mont. He says if he can

be among the top 5 in 3 events this

season in Super series, part of the

North American circuit, he can

qualify for the United States

Development Team Next Year.

              The Summer version of the Goodwill

Games has become a winter version with

the first event beginning at Lake

Placid NY. Over 400 athletes from

22 countries will compete in 4 day series.

This includes Alpine, cross-country

and freestyle skiiing events,

and jumping with Nordic Combined.

Other Olympic class disciplines

are snowboarding, luge, speedskating

figure skating and bobsled.

My source:…34A25751C0A9669C8B63

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