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Payments to Black Americans Set By iBoycott for Media Failure to Cover Sudan Genocide


           Network television  needs to report onGenocide of Black Christians in Sudan said

Iboycott, an online organizing group.

              Major Media corporations need to make

apology payments to Black American

Institutions as well as the individuals.

                    The boycott demands that 50,000

black churches get $100,000 in remorse

funds each.

              Iboycott requires payments of twenty,

apology perpetual trusts of 100 million

dollars each to 20 major black organizations,

each trust paying millions a year.

                  THe BOycott settlement requires

100 million dollars in apology payments

to each of the 200 Black newspapers,

bank secured, 5 million dollars in

advertising to each of the 200 black

newspapers for a total of $1.2 billion.

                Iboycott invites Black newspapers as

well as websites to publish a weekly

What do you think quiery to readres.

until there is a joint signing

of the Historic BOycott Settlement.

               Black readers and all other Americans

are invited to view and download the

Payments to Black Americans document

                  There’s more to the article at this link:


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