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Alex Snipes, A Black man that is owner and operator of 8 radio stations!

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Alex Snipe, An African American man
who is the owner and operator of 8 radio
stations. He’s been a broadcast veteran
for 24 years. The eight radio stations he owns are all  SOuth Carolina radio stations.
             January 2006, this man Alex Snipe was
inducted in the South Carolina Broadcasters
Association Hall of Fame. Alex is president of
Glory Communications and operations the radio stations WfMV-Fm,WGCV-Am, Columbia, WLJI-Fm, SUmter, WSPPX-AM/FM,Orangeburg, WALD-AM, Walterboro, WEAF-Am, Camden,and WPDT-FM, Florence.
                  Mr Snipe is the President of Praise Communications LLC.The Start of his radio career came in 1981 in Charleston as
a part-time announcer at WWWZ-FM. He made the switch from on-air to sales early and spent 3 years in CHarleston,10 years at Columbia radio station in sales and as a
General sales manager. He Launched Glory Communications in 1992 and signed WFMV a year later.
             Alex Snipe has done work as a community leader.
Mr. Snipe has received numerous
awards like :
  • The 1999 BB&T Trail Blazer Award,
  • The Urban League’s 2000
  • John H. WHiteman Award
  •  The 2000 NBPC Martha Jean Steinberg Entrepreneur of the Year Award etc.
                        Adding on to those things,
 he serves on the Board of Directors of First Community Bank. Snipe has been acknowledged on three occasions by radio INC
magazine, one of the top 35 most influential African Americans in radio.
                 He is involved in the National
Association of Broadcasters Radio Board, THe Gospel Heritage Foundation, and the WIlliam L. BOnner Bible College. He’s the former Board member of the Columbia Urban League and past president of the SCBA.

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