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BLack Music: Singers that I would like to do a duet together and songs I would like to see them try


Do you ever wish that certain singers would do a duet together?

I wish there was a place to request duets with singers. Then run it by the singer

and see if they would want to do the duet. I think ALicia keys

and Akon should do a duet. I wonder what both of their musical styles combined

would sound like. And then AKon and Rihanna, two island sounds together from

different countries. That would be a blast. Then there would be Babyface singing

a song with ALicia Keys.

I would enjoy hearing Rihanna sing that song that Sean

Kingston song but titled as Beautiful Guys. I think that would suit her voice just

perfectly. Sean Kingston does great with that song and Rihanna would jazz it up.

Oh, I just thought that Craig David and Rihanna would be a great duet together.

I believe their styles would fit like a beautiful mural. Certainly something to

think about.


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