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African Treasures TV-Promoting Black People!

  • ocean
               African Treasures Tv is a non profitorganization created and incorporated

    in NOvember 18, 1991 in Atlanta,

    Fulton County, Georgia. In March 1992,

    it gained IRS approcal as a non profit

    organization and is dedicated to

    broadcasting a weekly TV program

    on African arts, culture, music and

    dialogue on vital issues aimed at

    promoting understanding and harmony

    between black immigrants and America.

                  African treasures Tv Show comes on

    Saturdays at 7:30 am and Tuesdays

    at 4pm. on the AIB Cable Network

    Comcast Channel 5.

       THe purpose of the African Treasures Program

    is to do the following:

    • REveal the hidden treasures of Africa to
    • Americans in Metro Atlanta
    • Improve relatins and understanding

    between Americans and Black immigrants

    • Facilitate the assimilation and integration

    of Black immigrants into the American


    • Inform and enlighten Americans on

    modern day Africa in an entertainment


    • Provide a weekly forum for dialogue

    between Americans and Black immigrants

    • Bring Africa to the homes of Americans

    who have never been to Africa/ The


    • Give Black immigrants a voice on a

    constant basis in Atlanta

    • Give African Americans reason to

    be proud of their heritage and


    • Break down stereotypes and prejudice

    between ethnic groups in Atlanta

    • Give platform to visiting and

    traditional & political leaders from

    Africa, the Carribean & South America

    • To establish youth exchange programs

    for African Americans, Caribbeans,

    and Africans.

                My source:


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