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Black Swan Records-First African American owned and operated record label!!!!!!!!!!


                               March 4, Black Swan Recordswas formed, the first African AMerican

owned record label in AMerica.

March 1921, under Delaware state

laws and using $30,000 in borrowed

capital, Harry Herbert Pace organized

the Pace Phonograph Corporation INC.

                       The company’s first office was his

home on West 138 Street, New York.

Pace had a difficult time entering

the record business.

           White record companies gave him obstacles

to keep him out. When Pace tried to

use a local pressing company, a large

white company purchased the plant and

would not do business with him.

                        He got a local studio to record, but

had to send the master to a pressing

plant in Wisconsin. After 6 weeks

with preliminary work and ingredients

in place, record laboratories, wrapping

paper and corrugated board, he began

to manufacture Black SWAn Revords.

                   On the first 3 releases there was

C Carroll Clarke, a baritone known

to sing balads, katie Crippen, a

vaudevillan who sang blues. Also,

there is REvella Hughes, a soprano

and vocal teacher who was popular

among the highbrow NEw York area


                    Other musicians regularly used were

Joe Smith, Cornet, George Brashear,

Trombone, Edga Campbell, clarinet,

Cordy Williams, Charlied Dixon, banjo

and Chink Johnson, Trombone/Tubas.

                    William grant still played oboe,

violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone,

banjo and other instruments.

Ethel Waters rescued Black Swan

Records. Waters sang Down

Home Blues and led to the

formation of Black Swan Troubadours,

which is a group led by Henderson and

Waters that toured the south promoting

the label.

                    Obtaining black artists was difficult

because the white companies, petty

as they were began to bid for their


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