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Kentucky-the first state to establish a FREE library specifically for African Americans!


           As you see in the title Kentucky was

the first North American to establish

a free pulic library specifically for

African Americans. This library is

located in Louisville Kentucky. It was

a library managed by Thomas Fountain Blue.

               The founding of the Colored Library

and Thomas Fountain Blue’s Apprentice

Training Program was the beginning of

Librarianship and libraries for

African Americans in Kentucky.

                 Much of the recorded history of

Kentucky African American librarian

involves around the Thomas Fountain

Blue and the Louisville Free Public


              Thomas Fountain Blue and his staff

were invited to meetings and conferences

in various states they sought for


          A librarian’s conference was founded

under Kentucky Negro education organization.

             Library members and activities were

recorded in the parent orgranization’s


        The Kentucky African American Librarian got into the larger library system and disappeared from the written page.

       Over the next 40 years bits of information

could be found in the larger publications.

Today African American librarians

are employed at many types of libraries

in Kentucky. It has been 91 years since

the Western Colored Branch opened and

Thomas Fountain Blue started training

African American librarians.

          Blue trained African American women

throughout the South.

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