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More African Americans need to be marrow donors so more African Americans can get help with it. African Americans marrows only match with same race!


African Americans Uniting for Life was

created because of the urgent need for

more African American volunteer marrow

donors. The campaign’s goal was to

get 35,300 new African Americans to the

NMDP Registry of volunteer donors.

THe 2 year campaign went over its

goal by 12 percent, which resulted

in adding 39, 633 new African American

volunteer marrow donors.

This was of great importance because

African Americans were having a hard

time finding bone marrow matches. They

needed to go to the community.

Before the AAUL campaign got started

in 1993, The NMDP registry had

59,104 African American volunteer

marrow donors. By the end of the campaign,

African American people doubled to


Since the AAUL campaign, the match

rate for African American patients has

improved by over one-third. Dr. Howe

said “The success rate is encouraging,

but there is still a long way to go.”

He also says “However, what this does

prove is that there is a correlation

between the increase in African

American volunteer marrow donors and

African American patients finding


The NMDP, will continue its efforts to

recruit Black people to the Registry.

“We couldn’t have reached our goal without

the help of our affiliates, volunteers and

organizations” said Dr. Howe.

The best way to find a matching donor

is from a sibling. 70 percent of patients

will not have a sibling match, but will need

to find an unrelated donor, most likely

from a person from the same racial or

ethnic group.

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