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Black Magic: The Legacy of African American magicians!!

Wayne hoola hoop's with style.

                   (The above picture is not the magician I’m talking about, just a picture I decided to use.)      

 IT’s not everyday I hear about magicians that are African American. Well,

today that all has changed. I’m glad to hear

about it.

                  African AMerican Illusionist/magician

Richard Potter was the first Black magician

in America. He is America’s first successful

stage musician, hypnotist and ventriloQuist.

                  He got his education in Europe before
his 25 year career performing in

post revolutionary America.

              Potter first advertised his show November

2, 1811. in Boston at the Columbian

Museum. Potter performed in Boston,

New England and Canada. It was said that

Potter climbed a rope and disappeared while

performing outdoor surrounded by

an audience.

                   Richard could crawl through a log

and also make bird sounds. The Potter

estate he had consisted of several

rooms on the first floor, and the

2nd floor was a big room.

                 Richard Potter made $4800 for

a 20 day engagement in Alabama in

the early 1800s. He had a prestidigitation

with eggs, money and cards and performed

at Columbia Museum in Boston.

                 Potter could throw knives and touch

a hot iron to his tongue, walk on flames

and dance on eggs without breaking them.

His son even performed magic too.

My source:…cians_Richard_Potter


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