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The 29th Annual Black College Radio and Television Convention in Atlanta APRIL 3-6, 2008 ! They offer jobs and positions

 from, jack and jill to spelman college

              Me, I am the type of person that would love to have my own radio and tv show.

          It would be a fun career for me. I find

that I have a whole lot of ideas and

I got this habit that’s so instilled

in me that gets me to research Black

History. I keep wanting to know more

about what my Black People have

accomplished, achieved,etc. So,

radio is the best way to get that out.

            And if you are into doing radio and television,this is a great opportunity right at your computer screen.

            The Purpose of the Black College radio

and Televisioin convention is to provide

info on how to instruct and maintain

college radio and tv stations at Black

colleges and universites.

               Another thing the convention helps

with is organizing a Board of Advisors

involving college as well as professional


           Third, To assist black colleges

and universities in getting funds for

communications programs at the

different institutions.

           Fourth, to provide employers with

applicants that are qualified for employment.

      Fifth, Provide services for Black colleges

and universities in engineering as well as

technical assistance..

         THe Next purpose is to provide

record companies with a list of Black

college stations and personnel.

          Also, to distribute a monthly

newspaper and maintain a  comprehensive

website for the use of black college

stations, record companies, and other

industry representatives.

         Last, to organize a service

that allows professional broadcasters

to spend time on black college

campuses as advisors to college

stations personnel as if they were

a visiting professor.

          If you have a college station you

would like to nominate for an award

you can do so by printing and filling

out a sheet from the site.

            The jobs/positions they offer are:

Account Executives/Experienced
Digital Sales Account Executive

Entercom Cluster On-Air

Part Time Board Operators

Part Time News Anchors & Reporters

Promotion Internships

Production Internships

Employee and Intern Applications can be printed

from the site too.

             The site I got this information from is:

Spelman College


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