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BLACK CIVILIZATIONS OF Ancient America-Earliest People in America are the African Race!!!


      The earliest people of America were

the BlACK RACE. They entered the Americas

100,000 years ago. The Mende script

was discovered on some of the ancient

Olmec monuments of Mexico and

were identical to the same script

used by the Mende people of West


               One of Africa’s earliest civilizations

called the Zingh Empire had a lake filled,

wet and fertile Sahara where ships criss

crossed from place to place. The Zingh

empire was the first to use red, black

and green flag and plant it all over

Africa’s territory.

          There is shown a carving of African

King Oni and the shaman from Columbia’s

San Agustin Culture which indicates

diffusion of African religious practices

to the Americas.

             The Olmec stone heads resemble

Black Africans from the Ghana area.

Shamanism, is the study of the Venus

complex which was part of the customs

of the Olmecs as well as the Ono and

Dogon People of West Africa.

               Black men with curly hair

made trips from California’s shores

to the Pacific on missions of trade.

          Most of the Black Empires like

Kush, Mauri, Numidia, Egypt, Ethiopia,

and others had little difficulty conducting

trade among their neighbords.

         Nikau, A Pharaoh of Egypt was

one of the people who sent ships to

circumnavigate Africa and a long time

from that Phoenicians did that too.

              They witnessed a Kwanzaa like

celebration with cymbals, horns and

instruments as well as smoke and fire

was spotted on the ships.

           The big African heads contained

basalt, the cornrow hairstyle, and kinky

coiled hair.

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