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We are the Washitaw-A Book about Black people building pyramids and mounds of earth in the shape of cones, birds, animals, and geometric designs found in Louisiana, MInnesota, New York , Arizona, and Canada!


      There are over 150,000 pyramids

and mounds of earth with shapes like

cones, bones,animals as well as geometric

designs. They can be found from Louisiana

To Minnesota and from Arizona to

New York and Canada. The ancient

structures are built by MOUND BUILDERS.

               THe book tells about the pyramid/

mound builders. IT talks about the Washitaw

Moors, who were a highly civilized and

technically advanced group of Black People

who were Native to North America. (See,

that’s one thing I’ve never thought about

that I needed brought to my attention

to be known. THere are actually historical

mounds and pyramids right in America.

That’s why it needs to be brough to

our attention because the media people

are not on their job. That should be in

the media like all other Black acheivements and  Black success, and Black people

doing great things they don’t talk about.)

Those things I mentioned

are the best kept archaeological secrets.

         Buy it here:


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