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African American HIstoric Places- A Book about 800 Black Historic sites!


         I want to know where my people stayed

in history, so African American Historic

Places is one of the books I look forward

to buying. To actually know these historic

places and go there can be like watching

a movie about Black History if you think

about it in that way.

            This book “African AMerican Historic

Places” has information on 800 Black

historic sites in 42 of the states, Puerto

Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Often times

the places mentioned are where people

lived. For example, Paul  Laurence Dunbar

House in Dayton, Ohio. Another example

is the Blanche K. Bruce house in Washington

DC, which is where the second black man

who served in the US Senate RESIDED.

             Then it talks about the schools,

hospitals, clubs,colleges, forts, cemeteries,

and more. The listing is organized

alphabetically by state. It includes

brief descriptions and addresses and

makes this convenient for those wanting

to know more about Black historic sites

in their town or state and those touring

the historic sites.

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