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Babatunde Olatunji-African musician signed with Columbia records selling over 5 million copies of his album…

African Musical Instruments Montage

                     Babatunde Olataunji was born

April 7, 1927. He’s a Nigerian musician.

He received his education at Morehouse

college in Atlanta and New York

University Graduate School.

                    His performance started as a

casual thing entertaining students.

So people started to want more and

more of his music and he became

professional as well. (See how

little things can grow into big

things, like it start off as

small jewels, then it leads up

to BIG diamonds)

        Columbia records released his first album

called Drums of Passion, which was

a worldwide hit. It was one of the

first albums to bring true African

music to Western ears and it sold

more than 5 million copies.

                         Olatunji traveled around the

globe for 40 years showcasing his

African music and culture. By 1973,

he established the OLatunji Center

of African culture in Harlem NY.

          He was also a member of the faculty at

easlene Institute in Big Sur, california

and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck

New York for 15 years. At those institutions,

and workshops and festivals, Olatunji informed

people about African culture.

     Babatunde taught drumming, dancing, and

classes for adults and young people.

         He received A Grammy Award in 1991 for his collaboration with Grateful Dead drummer

Mickey Hart on the Planet Drum album.

Olatunji has written scores for Broadway

as well as Hollywood Productions, which

includes the music for She’s gotta Have it

by Spike Lee.

             My source:…_African__percussion


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