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Black man named Kamal Imani reciting his poem about Ms. Melanin (great poem to music about the beauty of Black women)

Ethiopians at sscc

His poetry against the music,its like a heaven on earth. It’s sobeautifully said the way he speaks

about the Black woman. THen the

woman sings after he recites

his poetry, it can lift the soul.

It can take your soul into gliding

high. His words are his heart, his soul.

He keeps calling out for Ms. Melanin

and you can hear his crave for more and

more of the Ms.melanin woman. Hearing the poem

will take your mind to that romantic atmosphere. Here’s a little taste of the lyrics to come at the site:SCoot you up like ice cream,

I’m fortunate enough to have you,

You my heaven, Ms. Melanin

You my champion…..

You are my starch defender,

you pay the cost to be the boss,

You dont have to worry,

I’ll never leave you alone,


(That’s just SOME of the lyrics)

Thats a taste of the lyrics: 

             My source:…stas_by_Kamal_Imani/


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