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Black man who finished preparing the White House Dome!


I’ve heard about that book “Black

Men Built the Capitol. I’ve even

written Blogs about the book. But

I would like to specifically point

out the Black man who finished the

White House dome.

Philip Reed, A Black man

is responsible for the White House

Dome. He supervised the casting of

the statue. Reed supervised the

remaining part of the casting of

the statue in 5 sections, and

each weighed over a ton.

The tons of Freedom were

relocated by wagons from Bladensburg,

Maryland to Washington. Reid and

other slaves put the Statue of

Freedom together on the Capitol

grounds in 1863.

THe Statue of freedom was

put at the top of the Capitol

Dome with celebration and a 35-Gun


Philip was one of the last 100s

of slaves that built the capitol

building between 1790 and 1863.

People enslaved worked in Virginia

Quarries digging and transporting the

stone that was the beautiful building


They performed the backbreaking

work it took to put the cut stones on

the wall of the Capitol building. They

dug trenches and ditches, hauled lumber

and performed other tasks that

required both great strength and stamina.

Half of the workforce at the

capitol building was slaves. Shortly

after he completed this mission,

the District of Columbia issued the

Emancipation Proclamation which put

an end to slavery in the capital City

so PHilip REid, was NO LONGER a slave.

Glad, I found this article. It’s

a great tribute to my people. So

when people look at the Capitol Dome,

and other things as well they have

a image of what Black people made

that still lives on.

Source of this info;…hes_White_House_Dome


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