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Caucasians have LIED in their definition saying caucasian is also brown and dark skin. Caucasian will NEVER be brown skinned and NEVER dark skinned!


 (IT takes alot of eraser to erase the white


              If you get to the site about the origin

of races they say caucausian is dark

skin. That’s wrong! Anybody who says caucasian is dark is mentally retarded. THey need to be shipped to a hospital. They

think because they CAUCASIAN they

can change the meaning of a word

and make it a fact like ta da!

                   They putting on their puppet faces

saying To be caucasian means I can

change the word in a dictionary.

They won’t question what a caucasian

says yippee! I bet that’s what they

are saying!

         We’re black, we know we Black people

are dark, but everybody can’t be blessed

with the melanin. That’s just the facts.

Anthropologist want you to think there

is a such thing as caucasians with

dark skin. THe whole purpose of their

melanin pills is to give them some

color because they lack COLOR.

For them to falsely claim melanin

is too dumb for words!

                    But notice the title of the site

Origin of Races“. They are trying to

give credit to themselves for creating

this planet and I know with all my

heart for sure without any doubt

Black people made this planet.

             Whites jumped in while life was already in motion, made, and organized by

Black Africans.

              If you look in an updated dictionary,

it says Caucasian can be brown skin.

They wish , they wish , they wish. But

no they can try again and give

the correct, complete thorough

answer, taking out anything

referring to black.

               I was looking in the Webster’s II college dictionary When I saw the cheap, fake information.

       But check any NEW/UPDATEd dictionary and you will see it. They keep changing

their lies, because their versions

keep changes. It’s as if THEY SAY

they change colors, glow in the dark.

                      As stated in the Book “Blacked

Out through whitewash, it says 1937

they defined it as “the white division of

human beings so called Because

the people are from the Caucaus mountains

They were taken from the highest type of

the human family, the circassians, Jews,

Armenians, Hindus and PErsians.”

That was from Webster’s 20th century Dictionary
unabridged, 1937.

               Definition number 2 from NEw Websters dictionary,1981:

                   Caucasian- pertaining to the white

race as characterized by physical

features. A native of the Caucausus,

a member of the Caucasian race.

3rd definition from American Heritage
                               Dictionary, 3rd Ed,1992:

Caucasian- of relating to, or being a

major human racial division traditionally

distinguished by physical characteristics

such as very light to BROWN skin

pigmentation and straight to wavy or

curly hair, and includes people

indigenous to Europe, northern Africa,

Western Asia, and India, relating to

the Caucasian region of its peoples.

             4th definition from Webster’s New
World College Dictionary, 1996:

                Caucasoid- from the erroneous notion that the original home of the hypothetical indo-europeans was the Caucasus of the major…varieties

of human beings…characterized

by…straight or wavy hair..loosely

called the white race although it

embraces many people of dark

skin color.

                  I will say this again, no caucausian

CANNOT be DARK. Two opposite words

that don’t go together. They claim

our black inventions, Black civilization,

black EVERYTHING else and now they

claim our skin color! Dang! It’s as

if they trying to walk in our shadows

and claim our shadows.

             But I’m going to say this, I would have

never thought to look up the word

caucasian and monitor the changes

in the word if it was not for this

book “Blacked Out through whitewash

by Suzar. This book has all 4 definitions

of the word caucasian that I just typed

for you above so you can see the

defitions changing and it was cited

like I did of each dictionary it

was defined from.

     ” blacked out through whitewash” is the
book that says white people define caucausian
with black features because their population count is now less than 7 percent and they
want to INFLATE THeir population. They also
defined it this way to give credit their own
self for civilization.

           Whites have stole and hid things which
really is not a talent!

                            More information on his

book “BLAcked out through Whitewash”

              You can buy it this link:…id=1205047838&sr=8-1

Also, you can find it at
by typing in “Blacked OUt throug whitewash”.

                But what they are saying is it

embraces dark skin color as

being one of them, Which they

are not, they are not dark

skin people. But the thing is,

they want melanin donations.

               This is the site that says caucasian

can be dark, desperate people go to

the extreme! Whites are not

dark skinned no no no!

They cannot be us, somebody

needs to tell them!