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Daniel A P Murray-African American personal assistant to the Library of Congress!

Library of congress

                  Well, we see so many non black librarians.But now, here is a Black man involved

in library work. It must be fun working

at the library. I would not say it was

fun because of the pay because I don’t

know what they pay, but it must be fun

because you get to be around so so

many books. Which brings me to the

article about Daniel AP Murray:

                        Daniel Alexander Payne Murray

moved to Washington from Baltimore

to work for his brother who is a

caterer and Manager of the US Senate


                        By 1871, Murray became a

member of the 12-person staff of the

Library of Congress and the personal

assistant to the Library of Congress.

                 He was also the 2nd African

American to hold a professional

position at the Library of Congress.

In 1881, Murray was promoted to assistant

librarian. By 1899, Murray was

asked to gather a collection of books

and pamphlets by Black authors for

a showcase of “NEgro Authors at the

1900 Paris Exposition.

                The many volumes he collected

became the foundation of the Library

of Congress’ Collection of Books by

Black Authors.

                          Murray was the first African

American member of the Washington Board

of Trade and President of the Inaugural

Welcome Club in 1901. Daniel Murray,

often wrote on race issues and testified

before the US House of Representatives

on Jim Crow Laws and Black Migration.

                  One of the many many examples of

how the African Americans are showcased

in libraries. Now, when I hear the LIBrary

of Congress, I’m always going to reflect

on this knowlegde, but even if I don’t

hear it, it’s journaled in my memory.



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