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Elijah MCCoy-Black inventor of the lubricating oil cup for trains!


          I was told that there was a show called

the MCCoys portrayed as a white family.

They should have portrayed the family

accurately. When are the whites going

to portray the real people exactly

how they look like? Confused

          It’s like a forgery the way they

sign their name on things not theirs.

THe Real MCCOys are BLACK.

        Since whites wanted to be the MCCOYs

so Badly, they could have named


because they are NOT the REAL MCCOYS.

But Now for the REAL MCCOY, the Black Man named Elijah MCCOY:

                  March 28, 1882 Elijah MCCoy,

a Black Man invented the Lubricating cup. This tiny decise dripped small amounts of oil

onto moving engine parts and this saved

businesses time and money as well.

The lubricating cup was used

with the steam engines. A hollow tube

projected down from the bottom of the

cup into steam chamber. There was a valve

at the top end of the tube and a piston

at the bottom end of the tube.

             Steam in the cylinder put the piston

into action and released the oil. A year

later, MCCoy improved on his original

model so that oil was only released

when there was no steam in the chamber.

        Machinery buyers had to have the MCCoy lubrication systems when buying

new macines and would take nothing

less than the The Real MCCoy. His

automatic oiling devices got to be

so universal that heavy duty machines

were adequate without it, and the

expression became part of American


             This is the source of my information:

Even though they don’t state

the race of Elijah McCoy in the article,

I’ll tell you this, the reference they

got it from is on their page and that


Created Equal: The Lives and Ideas of BLACK American Innovators

So that’s how you know that Elijah MCCOy is


Plus this site says Black inventors and

Inventions and Elijah MCCOy is listed

and his invention:


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