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First African American anchor on a network television news program!

Big tv

Max Robinson is a Black man who is

also a journalist and tv news correspondent.

He was from Richmond Viriginia and is the

son of Maxie and Doris RObinson.

He has been to three colleges like

Oberlin College, Virgina Union University

and Indiana University.

Robinson started his profession as

floor director and newsreader at

WTOV-TV in Steubenville, OHio in


Later in 1964, he moved to

Washington where he became the

first African American anchor on

a local tv news program on WTOP-TV

Channel 9. In 1969, and the first

African American anchor on a network

television news program.

He spent 3 and a half years at

WRC and won 6 journalism awards for his

coverage of the 1968 riots after

civil rights leader Martin Luther

King Jr.’s assassination, the anti-war

demonstrations, and the national election.

During this time RObinson won 2 regional

Emmy’s for a documentary he did on Black

life in Anacostia titled the OTher

Washington. At WTOP, he was working

wti the Gordon Peterson for 6pm and

11pm newscasts and the rest has been


By 1978, Robinson joined ABC’s WOrld

News Tonigaht and became the first

African American network anchor.

He confronted racism at any

cost. ABC’s management was frustrated

wtih him and moved him to the post of

weekend anchor. In 1983, he left ABC

for WMAQ-TV in Chicago where he stayed

for 2 years. During his career, he

received The Capital Press Club Journalist

of the year award, the Ohio State Award

and an award from the National Education


My source:…_news_Max_Robinson__


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