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Harold Nicholas-African American tap dancer…To the stage!

tap shoes

                                     Harold Nicholas is an AfricanAmerican tap dancer born March 21, 1921.He was a member of the flashy-tap dancingduo The Nicholas Brothers. His Brother’sname is Fayard Nicholas and was born 1914 inMobile Alabama.                  Harold and Fayard Nicholas begantheir Careers as children. Their parentswere in show biz and played in a pit

Orchestra in Philadelphia, so its cool

how it runs in the family. Most of the

Brothers early years was spent seeing

the 1920s famous Black Entertainers.

They were amazed by the people who

did acrobats and dancing in that era.

So you know they watched and imitated

and soon they became their own act.

            By 1932, they performed at the Cotton Club

with Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington singingand dancing. They performed in vaudeville onBroadway, nightclubs, tv, and movie musicals.

Harold was in over 50 movies like

the Big Broadcast, Down Argentine way,

A guy by the name of Fred Astaire told
the brothers that their dazzling footwork,

leaps and splits in the Jumpin Jive

dance showed off the greatest movie

musical number he saw.

                       The brothers danced on

drums and leaped over orchestra

musicians. (That’s an abundance of

talent right there)

               The Nicholas Brothers’ HOllywood

Career came after a movie mogul named

Samuel Goldwin saw them in a nightclub

and cast them in Kid Millions.

                These two were BIG FILM STARS

even though it was a racist era. The last

film they did together called THe Pirate,

Gene Kelly danced with them and broke

the color barrier.                            
                    Harold’s career involved him

becoming a solo artist. But like the

team they are, his brother came back

to do shows with his brother. He

was in Uptown Saturday Night (1974)

and Tap (1989) Harold’s last appearance
was in the Five Heartbeats.

                       My source:…a_Tap_dancing_legend


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