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George Carruthers-A Black man who invented the far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectograph for Outer Space!


George Carruthers, a Black Man

 was born in Cincinnati Ohio and went

to the University of Illinois. He got

his BS in aeronautical engineering,

a Master of Science in nuclear engineering

and Ph.D in aeronautical and astronomical

engineering. So his career is well taken

care of. He got all of this experience under

his belt.

               After Graduation, he joined the

rocket astronomy group at the Naval

Research Laboratory in Washington

where he worked on ultraviolet

observations of the Earth’s upper

atmosphere and astronomical phenomena.

              By 1969 Dr. Carruthers received

his patent for the “Image Converter for

Detecting Electromagnetic Radiation

espercially in short wave lengths.

                George is a astrophysicist of

international renown. Carruthers is the

principal inventor of the Far Ultraviolet/

Spectograph- which is a spectograph and

camera wwith an electron intensifier

an was used for the Apollo 16 mission

to the moon in 1972.

                    The far ultraviolet is of great

importance to the astronomer because

it detects and measures elements like

oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and others as well.

in their cool unexcited state.

                 This provides correct measurements

of the energy output of very hot stars.

               Dr. Carruthers has been a

principal investigator for Nasa projects.

George developed space telescopes

and did a rocket experiment that showed fhe

first detection of molecular hydrogen

in space. Also, the list goes on, he developed

a rocket instrument to capture an ultraviolet

image of Haley’s Comet.

                 Further, he has captured an image

of a Leonid shower meteor entering

the Earth’s atmosphere.

         Dr. Carruthers continues to be the

forefront of astophysicas research even

after 40 years.

             We’ve heard about Apollo 16,

Haley’s comet, metor shower and now we

know who was behind all of those and much

more. His creative genius led him to do

astronomy and he has went above and


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