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Shufffle Along, a revue of May 23, 1921 written, produced and performed by African AMericans!


               Ok, we will see something pertaining to the1920s era. When I think about 1920s

music, I think about Duke Ellington.

The music was so different

that what we hear now. Music is in a

different style today as we know.

Shuffle Along, was the first Broadway

musical written, produced and performed by

African Americans. IT open May 23, 1921.

(See it’s great to remember the anniversary

of Black History events)

                       That song Shuffle Along ran 500

performances and the cast of the song

were Josephine Baker, Ethel Waters, and Paul


             THe Show was a definite success

and was performed by 3 different touring

companies, which broke barriers for

African Americans all over the country.

      IT reminds me how one thing leads to

another big thing. Breaking barriers can

be done so many ways.

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