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The George Washington Carver National Monument-A monument of a Black Man!

George Washington Carver

      George Washington Carver’s monument makes me wonder how many more Black History inventors and heroes have a monument. If it’s not a lot

then they should make more. If it is alot,

they should still make more.

             The George Washington Carver

National Monument was dedicated on July

14, 1953. It is located in Diamond,

Missouri and was established in 1943.

IT shows the outstanding acheivements

of George Washington Carver as a scientist,

educator and humanitarian.

             George Washington Carver, a Black man spent 10-12 years on the DIAMOND GROVE farm in Missouri.

Carver has always appreciated Nature.

The George Washington Carver National Monument is a park that has 210 original 240 acre Moses Carver farm.

           Outside is the 3/4 mile Carver trail,

a walking trail that goes through the woodlands and tall grass prairie. Through this trail you can see the Carver Birthplace Site, Carver Boyhood Statue. Carver Spring, Williams pond and spring,

Moses Carver 1881 house and the Carver

family cemetery.

          The trail is just a littlee bit handicapped

accessible. But yes, Its so wonderful to know

about Black History. Black History is in every

continent. It’s just a matter of searching

to find out the most beautiful things of Black

History. It’s a collective knowledge and I keep

collecting Knowledge about Black History.

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