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Dominique, The Black woman who took on the song “Nobody Supposed to Be here” and gave a grand performance!

Deborah Cox

    So most people know about the Singer DeborahCox with her high pitch lovely voice. Iespecially love her song “Nobody supposed

to be Here”. It is magnificent. I heard the

remix to the song and its really grand.

                 Now imagine somebody singing that

  high pitch song Nobody Supposed to be

Here. Imagine all the vocal control

one needs to have to sing it very strongly

like this young woman did. Dominique was

auditioning for P.Diddy and sang Nobody

Supposed to be here.

              She was like a vocal teacher on stage

the way she took that song on. SHe got up there and gave

it her all, all her energy and strength.

                  I could just imagine how fast her heart

was beating. But she did it and Didddy

gave her a chance, accepted her onto

the team.I was thinking wow, that is truly

a first rate song.

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