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Association of Black WOmen Historians! Great site!




                     I’ve always wanted to know whatBlack Historians are there. Because behind

these Black Historians is more Black History


                  Introducing IDa E. JOnes, A Black

Historian is the senior manuscript librarian

at Howard University. Ida got her

doctorate in history and BA in journalism.

She focuses on the African experience

in AMerica African American religion

and public history with an emphasis

on archives.

             Jones has been on

several boards like National Historical

Publications and Records Commission

in Washington DC. She has written

numerous encyclopedia entries and journal


               Robyn Spencer is a BLACK Historian that specializes in African American

Social Protest Movements (Wow, that’s

different. I never heard of that until

now. I’m glad I’m learning about these


                           Also , she focuses on

South African History and African

American Women. Spencer has written

on Gender and Black Power as well as

the International Impact on the

Black Panther Party.

                This site even has opportunities for

money for African Americans providing

services like archives, libraries, historical

societies and museums.


                They’ve even got money for the best book

anthology and article on African American


         The 3rd Black Historian is Debra

Newman Ham, who specializes in Afro

American history and Culture in the

Manuscript Division at the Library

of COngress and an archivist and

Black History Specialist at the National

Archives. She’s even got a Book called

“The African American MOsaic: A guide

to Black History Resources in the

Library of Congress.

             Book can be bought at this site:…id=1205619003&sr=8-1

Here is the site I’m referring to:

It is truly an inspiration

to see Black Historians. I will definitely

be a Black History because of my passion

for Blackness, Black History and uplifting
the Black race.