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Black Professionals Association Charitable Foundation! Endownment money goes to programs and activities in the African American Community!

Eye of Horus

                 IT’s wonderful that there is

a such thing like programs, organizationsthat match your needs. That goes especially

for areas that need to be boosted,

for inspiration or anything else. This

particular program helps money wise.

                          Black Professionals Association Charitable

Foundation provides a stable income

for charity or general welfare of the


                      The Black Professionals Association

Charitable Foundation fund assists

with finacial support for founding

ACTIVITIES and PROGRAMs to promote

and develop educational scholarship


                    THere are some ways and vehicles

for those giving to the Endownment fund:

Life insurance
QualifiedPlan and Real Property with
Lifetime Use


An Endownment fund offersBlack Professionals Association Charitable


Investment inlarger assets that lead

to a much much greater growth, greater

income and lower investment fees.

                  Income at pre-set intervals from

Black Professionals Association Charitable Foundation’s

portion of the endowmentmoney.

Exposure in the fund manager’s yearly

report and that causes you to reach

more donors than those on the

Black Professionals Association Charitable

Foundation donor list.

Tax deductions for both contributions and

gifts at the maximum level allowed.

The option of choosing to reinvest

all or justpart of the income that

comes from the endownment.

A fund manager that can offerdonors

more sophisticated planned giving

devices like charitable gift annuities

as well as charitable lead trusts.

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