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Clarence Ellis-Black Computer Scientist who is a self taught computer expert!


It is so much knowledge being a computer scientist.

 But to be able to have an innate ability to do something causes

 a whole lot more pride.  That makes a person stand out. Some

people need the most training and others need little training

and others train themselves. But what matters is success!

                     Clarence A. Ellis, a Black man, started off poor like Tyler Perry,

but he brought himself up in his success. From nothing to something,

that’s brilliant. He read the computer manuals that come with

machines. He developed an expertise on computers by

teaching himself. So there was a crisis one day.The

project at the company he worked was urgent and

they ran out of new punch cards.  Early computers

needed punch cards to entered information so because they

did not have new cards the project stopped. Clarence

was the ONLY one who knew how to reuse the old cards.

                             He changed some settings on the computer

and this helped the old cards to work just great. That’s

such a brilliant way that he differientiated himself

from others. Teachers recommended that Skip

attend summer programs at univerisities. He did

not have scholarship money, but the pastor at

his church learned about the scholarship at

Beloit College.

                          He studied a lot and did not have much time to do

a lot of the fun things others did. He stayed on campus

to study during the winter and summer breaks. (The man

has a top-notch devotion to his studies. He reminds me

of myself with his study habits because I used to

have to get so much help with math everyday and

on every problem. But yes, I work so much in college

the whole day is about me and my studies.)

                         There was a computer donated to Clarence’s college.

His task was to set up the computer and he even worked

so hard on that computer he ended stayin overnight and

sleeping in the lab. August 1963, Skip was one of the people

out of the 250,000 who went to Washington DC to hear

Dr. King’s famous known Speech “I Have a Dream”

           Clarence’s schooling includes:

Stanford University, the University of Texas, MIT, Stevens Institute of Technology.

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