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William A. Massey- A Black man who is a mathematician and works at Bell Labs!


There’s so much math that we use everyday.

It’s so many steps to solving a math problem at times.
IT can be a headache sometimes from thinking so much
about a particular math problem. There’s so many ways to
do one problem. But then there are the math experts.
 INtroducing :
        William A.Massey , A Black man who was born in Jefferson City,
Missouri. He has received a Harvard Book Award and a
National Achievement Scholarship. His senior thesis was
Galois Connections on Local Fields,” in algebraic number theory
He got a Bell Labs Cooperative Research Fellowship for Minorities,
He is a member of the Mathematical Sciences Research Center
at Bell Laboratories. His research interests are:
Queueing Theory, Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Special Functions, and the Performance Modelling of Telecommunication Systems
       Dr. Massey became the  1st Cooperative Research Fellowship
Program fellow to mentor another CRFP fellow. By 1997, he
received the W. Lincoln Hawkins Mentoring Excellence Award.
at Bell Laboratories.
         HE has 7 research publications coauthored with
minority students who have worked with him as summer employees
at Bell Labs. Massey has co-organized all of the 7 Council for
African American Researchers in Mathematical Sciences. William
Massey is on the Executive Board of the National Association of
       Dr. Massey is  researcher in applied probability who is known all
over the world and has co-authored with colleagues from
Canada, France, and Israel. He has given lectures who invites
people to come to which are: American Mathematical Society
national conference, The AMS southeastern regional conference,
The Congreso Nacional de la Sociedad matematica MExicana,
the Bouchet COnference for African and African American Physicists
and mathematicians.
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