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African Fractals! (A Book about study of mathematics, African culture, anthropology,etc. African settlements have fractal structures!

A Queen

                      Fractions sound like fractions. I wasreading the book and it says fractals

are characterized by the repeating of

similar patterns at ever diminishing

scales. Fractals are found in computer


                    African settlements use fractal

structures like circles of circular

dwellings, rectangular walls with

smaller rectangles, streets in broad

avenues go down to footpaths with

geometric repetition.

                Fractals are in African designs as

well as knowlede systems.

Based on African designers, artists,

scientists, Ron Eglash searches out fractals

in African architecture,traditional hairstyling,

textiles, sculpture, painting, carving,

metalwork, religion, games, practical craft,

quantitative technologies, and symbolic systmes.

                      ALso, he analyzes the political and

social implicatiosn of the existence of

African fractal geometry. This book contains

info on the study of math, African culture,

anthropology, and computer simulations.



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