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Black Woman who worked at IBM-Evelyn Boyd Granville!

                        I wonder what its like to go to outer spaceand what makes Mars the red planet. I think

I read somewhere about the disappearance

of the planet pluto. I wonder how long it

takes to get to space. But anyways,

Evelyn Boyd Granville is the Black woman

who worked for IBM.

                         Evelyn Boyd Granville is a Black woman who

was born May 1, 1924. She got a scholarship

from Phi Beta Kappa. She went to Yale

University and worked for

Diamond Ordinance Fuze Laboratories as an

applied mathematician, which she did for 4 years.

                  BEtweeen 1956 to 1960, she worked

for IBM on Project Vanguard and Project

Mercury space programs analyzing orbits and

developing computer procedures. Her job

involved making real time calculations

during satellite launchings.

                        When Evelyn moved to Los

Angeles California, she was at the

computation and Data Reduction Center

of the US space technology Laboratories

and studied rocket trajectories and

methods of orbit computation.

                   By 1962, she became a research specialist

at the North American Aviation Space

and Information Systems Division, working

on things like the celestial mechanics,

trajectory and orbit computation,

numerical analysis, and digital computer

techniquess for the Apollo program.

                    The next year she went to IBM

as a senior mathematician. The restructuring

at IBM caused many employees to be

transferred out to the Los ANgeles in

1967. Since Evelyn wanted to remain there,

seh took a teaching position at California

State University in Los Angeles.



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