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Black women scientists in the United States (The Book)

black power

Scientists really have to

keep updated on their knowledge for

there are new and rare illnesses everyday.

so the medical information keeps building

like castle high. Science is basically life.

From movement to excercize and burning

those calories, to breathing, to writing,

to computers and the list is so long.

Scientist have an art of discovery. It’s

just a maze of things they must go through

to get all the answers they get.

But now for the Book “Black Women

Scientists in the United States”.

This book talks about the awareness and

participation of Black women in the

science field and their contributions

for the history of science in America.

THis book examines the lives as well

as career parths of more than 100

Black women scientists.

THe more Black women scientists

they have the better. I want

a great book to go on and on with information.

So the fact that its a 100 Black scientists

makes me even more happy. ANy amount of Black

scientists is great though. Black people have

been responsible for so many great things

and this need to be shouted to the world.

If its’ advertised by Billboard that’s

cool. I can imagine it, people riding

by in their car and seeing a Black person

and their inventions. You know,

If it’s in schools that’s even


Buy the book here:


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