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Historic Legacy of African Americans in Baltimore! The Statues of Black Leaders and Heroes!

frederick douglas

I wonder who decides where the statues

of famous Black Leaders will be. I wonder

who is behind building those statues. At

least I have one question answered, which

is where are these Black monuments?

Bill Holiday’s statue is on the corner

of Pennsylvania Avenue at Lanvale Street.

Frederick Douglass’s bust is in the foyer
of Douglass Senior High school.

The Frederick Douglass Statue is on the campus
of MOrgan State University,Cold Spring Lane and Hillen Road .

There is a marker dedicated to JOshua Johnson,

who was the first Black portrait painter who

received public acknowledgement in the United

States. It’s located at the MOrris A.

Mechanic Theater at the intersection of

Charles and Baltimore Streets.

Thurgood Marshall’s statue is at Pratt Street

and Hopkins Place.

A Black Soldier Statue is located at the

Baltimore Monument Plaza, Calvert and LExington


There are even museums dedicated to Black Leaders

and HEroes from Baltimore.

They are:

Eubie Blake National Museum & CULTURAL CENTER- located at 34 Market Place

Eubie Blake is a Baltimore Jazz museum immortalized at that museum.

Then there is the “THe Great Blacks in Wax
Museum” at 160 E. North Ave.


So if you are ever in the area and looking

for some locations to check out those are some

great suggestions. Plus, if you want to go

on an exciting adventure to see those places,

that ought to be fun.


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