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Alpha Kappa Alpha

Well, most people heard of the

Black Greek Organizations. I’ve never

been in one, but I wonder what it’s like.

I need to do research on them and I plan


But now for the book “The Black Royalty

Exposed”. This book gives the true secrets

and unauthorized histories of the Black

Green Organizations. So whether you are

in the Black Greek Organizations or

have not been you have this wonderful

book to inform you.

So the book tells the book

tells secrets about hand grips,

identification, and recognition tests.

It goes on to talk about histories,

origins and mysteries of alpha kappa

alpha, omega psi phi, delta sigma

theta, kappa alpha psi, alpha phi

alpha, zeta phi Beta, phi beta sigma,

sigma gamma rho and iota phi theta.

You get the inside details in a 320 page

book. They even urge people to get the

book before it becomes censored.

The book is NOT sold in stores.

I never really thought about

the secrets to the Black Greek Organizations,

but books like this make you think about

things you might not think about. Titles of

books as well as books encourage people to

think deeper. Take one thought and branch

off into another thought. “Reading is like

planting a seed, and you grow in knowlegde

indeed.” That’s the quote I just came up

with in the moment.

But anyways, here is the source:

My source: