A Black woman named ALisa Starks owns a chain of Movie Theaters

Well, movie theaters are okay. I mostlywatch movies at my house. But I did one time

go to a New York Movie Theater and I enjoyed

it the scenery and set up. So I never thought

about who owns the movie theathers. But

I just learned about a Black woman

who has the 1st African American chain

of movie theaters. She is:

Alisa Starks is a Black woman who launched

the 1st African American owned chain

of movie theaters. She was born

September 14, 1960. She graduated

at Aquinas Dominican high School,

and received her BS in journalism

and MS from Northwestern University’s

Medill School of JOurnalism.

The Starks’ explored new

partnerships to build new

theater complexes in minority

neighborhoods. In 1997, they

won Over Sports celeb Magic Johnson

to win financial support from the

city of Chicago to build 3 multiplexes

on Chicago’s south and west sides.

So these theaters are designed

beautifully and brought jobs to

neglected areas. By 1999, the

Starks’ expanded their theater empire

building a new cinema in Charlotte

North Carolina and set their sights

on the inner-city neighborhoods

around the country.

That same year of 1999, their

company came to work with another

company to create the Meridian

Entertainment Group, which

began a chain of Meridian Theaters

and acquiring 8 existing Chicago

movie theaters.

IN 2 years, the Starkses

controlled 3 multiplexes but that

increased to 20 percent of Chicago’s

movie Screens.

Alisa Starks is an active leader

in several community and civic

organizations and has been on the

boards of the Muntu Dance Theater,

the Metropolitan Pier of Exposition Authority,

the Ancona School and the Chicago International Film Festival



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