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An African American Florist named Alice Mae White Bussey

Blue Roses Reflection

Now, that’s something I’ve been combing

through the internet to look for. That

is Black florists. I finally found

some information on a Black woman who

is a florists.

Alice Mae White Bussey was born July 31,

1947 in Georgia. She got a BA degree

in sociology and a BA degree in

urban studies, MAA degree in public

administration. With all those degrees

I can just imagine the job opportunities

flying in. So many people must want her

at their place of business. She got that

A plus status.

Alice Bussey is a member of the

Poplar Springs Baptist Church and her

ancestors were the founders of that

church 135 years ago.

She went to graduate school.

She had a role as the first

Department Federal Representative of

the state. Then, she managed millions of

dollars, did her investigations and

programs for the elderly, welfare

clients and high school dropouts.

Bussey is the FIRST WOMAN to be

President of the Atlanta Business League,

so she’s been in that role before any

woman of any race.

She got married to a florist

and she became a florist. She then

was known as the first African American

FTS florist in Atlanta. She created 20

new businesses and she does train

small business owners. Over 30 year

range, she has went from a local

retail operations to a business

internationally. So she and her family

have traveled throughout America, Europe,

and Africa. The Busseys were members

of former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young’s

historic trade mission to Jamaica,

Trinidad, and Tabago, and Barbados.

Bussey is on the International

Florists AssociationGeorgia Council of

Visitors, Atlanta Private Industry Council,

and many others.

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