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Another African American Architect and his name is Leon Bridges!


There is so many beautiful forms of

Architecture like those Big Pyramids

the Africans invented.

It’s also

nice to see the Louvre, which is a

pyramid in Paris. See how those people

in Paris admire the African invention

of the Pyramid that they made a glass

pyramid. But that’s their form of the


No one has ever been able to

duplicate the African pyramids just

exactly like the Africans made them.

So I just love architecture and the way

houses come in all sorts of designs

like jacuzzi tubs, glass showers, double

sinks, double ovens, arch driveways,

spiral stairs, bay windows, balconies.

That’s all good.

But speaking of Architecture, I would

like to inform you of this great Black

Architect named Leon Bridges.

He was born August 18, 1932 in

East Los Angeles California.

As a young boy, he used to draw

floor plans and building designs. So

he knew early on he wanted to go into

architecture. That is convenient to know

early on because the more practice you

get the better. Plus, he don’t have to

make a transition. He’s already there

in the career mind of where he wants
to be. That’s wonderful and fantastic.

He had a mentor who is an AFRICAN

amERICAN MAN named Paul Williams. He is

an architect. The name sounds familiar-

Paul Williams. I’ve researched him before.

But anyways, Leon Bridges graduated

Dorsey High School. Then he attended

East Los Angeles Junior College and Los

Angeles City College and the University

of California Los Angeles. He was in the

military, and one of the great benefits
of being in the military is free college.

But yes, as a soldier, he continued

studying architecture. He was an actor in

several movies and toured with Griffith

Park Greek Theatre Light Opera Company from

1950-1952. This great man earned his

4 year degree at the University of

Washington in Seattle in 1960.

His first job was a draftsman

which he got hired for in 1956. He worked

as an intern for California architect

Alan MOrris supervising the building

of a house. Leon worked for a small

firm designing houses. The first design

he did for a home was a 1350 sq feet


Mr. Bridges worked for the

architecture firm Gottleland and

Kocarski as a draftsman and designed

catholic churches and buildings in

Seatlle. By 1962, he became a registered


Then he formed his own architecture

firm, which showed more and more of his

independence. That firm is called Leon

Bridges AIA. It’s so great to be able

to run things. Building this own architecture

firm was like going beyond like a marathon

runner crossing the finish line.

Mr. Bridges was the first Registered

African American architect in Maryland.

By 1971, he took the role of

National Director of the Amrerican Institute of Architects (AIA). He also co-founded

the AA/Ford Minority fund which has given

millions of dollars in college scholarships

to those in need. So much props to him for
both being great, doing his own thing,
and giving back.

He is a partner in the Obsidian

Group, an architectural, design and planning

firm with buildings in Baltimore, NEw York,
North Carolina. He is also a very

active mentor in the NAACP’s ACT -SO

national mentoring program.

My source:…&name=Leon%20Bridges


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