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Barbara Bates, A Black woman whose a fashion designer for celebs!

           It’s so nice to be able to find such
wonderful clothing. I’ve seen a shirt
with a newspaper design that I thought
was cute. I really like dusters, Egyptian
jewelry, spaghetti strap dresses, shirts,
Egyptian get up, form fitting attire.
    Most name brand clothes I’m not really
into. I buy what looks great and classy.

Name brands and trends don’t phase me.

But anyways, Barbara Bates is a Black
woman whose a wonderful clothes designer.
Barbara Bates, born June 27, 1955. She attended
Chicago’s public school system and
graduated Marshall High School
in 1972.
         She used to design the clothes
she wore. By 1984. she was working
as a secretary for the first National
Bank of Chicago and used to sell
clothing out the bathroom. She began
to design clothes full time and 2 years
later she had a 700 square foot showroom.
By 1999, she founded the Bates
Foundation to make prom dresses
available for underpriveledged and hard
to fit young men in the Chicago Inner
city schools.
       Her passion for making these
dresses comes from her trials as teen
mother. Her designs are the top notch
most desired fashions in the world.
                 Mrs. Bates’designs consist of exotic
fabrics and leather trim. She has
fitted celebs like Sinbad, Michael
Jordan, Whitney Houston, and Mike Tyson.
       So   yes the fact that she
fitted celebs explains the quality of
her work.

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