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Blacked Out through whitewash (A book that talks about these things :Egyptians are Black, Black Africans invented the alphabet, sciences, math, Hieroglyphics, paper,fabric, melanin and advantages of it, Black Africans ORIGINALLY wrote the bible and Whites REWROTE it and made it a fraud!

Great Sphinx
WHat is it that some people want to hide about black people? The good. The great.They know there are  great black people in this world, a whole

lot. Now I’m about to show you how great black history is .

  •                                    Buddha was Black! The proof is in his wooly hair and small tight curls, peppercorn style and cornrows.
  •              The chief title of Osiris, the greatest of the Egyptians gods means “Lord of the Perfect Black.
  •                          THe ancient  Egyptians are called Kam of Kam-Au which are words for black people/ Black God-people)Kamit or Khemit both mean land of the Blacks and the
Black Land. As far as the black idenity of Egyptian
mummies, it is proven that Egyptians are black because
of the melanin in the skin.
  •                          Whites destroyed the Sphinx’s Africoid nose and the Africoid art. (Some people like to try to hide things.)
  •         The Sphinx was a portrait of the Black Pharaoh Khafre WHen Count C. Volney, a French scholar who visited Egypt in the late 1700s gave him the key to the riddle.
  ( I don’t know why they want to destroy the nose
on the Sphinx, that’s just so Dang on obvious! DUH!
They should not hide the truth anyways.)
  •                               Inscriptions as well as hieroglyphics are defaced or bleached, noses are shot off or chiseled down.
(They don’t need to change the beauties)
  •                        What they don’t get deep down into the nitty gritty about is that Greek civilization comes from
the advanced Black African civilization of ancient
  •                    Just a recap: Like I said in my other posts, Africans invented paper and the alphabet. Now its fresh in the mind.Great!  The paper Africans created was made out of
                         Ethiopians and Egyptians invented math and
trigonometry. The Black Author Al-Khowarizmi gives the word algorithm (a mathematic procedure)
  •  Chemistry, the science, as well as the word came from
Black Egypt.
  •             The words Chemistry/Alchemy come from Kam or Khem, the name that the ancient Egyptians called themselves which means BLACK.
           100 out of 100 stars for the real Father of Medicine, the
African multi-genius Imhotep. This man brought the knowledge of medicine to Greece as well as Rome.
  • Imhotep was
a world famous physician, architect, high priest, diplomat,
economist, (Oh, it keeps going), poet, philosopher, sage,
magician, astronomer, engineer, and designer. Imhotep
temples were the first hospitals people were in.
        Some whites stole the word Aryan from the Sanskrit language of India’s Blacks where it meant noble cultivator or the holy.
         All information found here:

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