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Obama’s Speech on Race PROBLEMS-Too Good to miss!

OBama’s brilliance is transparent.

He says it like it is. THere’s no runaround.

I enjoyed listening to the way he

expressed himself. He presents

both sides which is fair.

           Obama tackles racism in this speech.

I am so so impressed the way he presents

the things of what could be done. He sets

out those predictable things that people

might do because sometimes people can

really be predictable.

             His book is called “THe Audacity of

HOpe”. Obama gives this country more and

more hope for the better.

         My friend said he was the only

President who talked about race.

He’s right. Obama’s speech should

be deeply celebrated.

          The way he presents the issues

is like a Venn diagram, because it

overlaps and affects Amercians.

         I got a quote about Obama “He’s

got the words, he’s got the passion,

and now he’s ready for action, that’s OBama”.

      That’s how I describe  OBama because his

words are beautiful and his passion

intertwined is the greatest. He’s ready

for the action because he’s about a

GREAT change, not just any change.

       I would describe Obama as sapient

(wise). He looks young and he’s very

very wise and resplendent (brilliant).

           Obama “We can play REv Wright’s

sermons everday on every channel and

talk about them until election……and

and question if I believe or sympathize

with his words.etc. We will talk about

a distraction, then another one, and

another one and nothing will change”

Obama quoted from video.

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name, OBama name cups go here:

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