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Videos that show pictures and outline the book “Blacked Out through Whitewash” on this site


  I was looking at youtube and saw this
young very very handsome Black man who has
a collection of youtube videos about  Black History.
I am definitely happy to see him with such
enthusiasm and excitement for Black History.
His videos are very entertaining and informative, those
qualities go side by side. I love how he set his videos
up, with the different backgrounds and sound
effects, how he worded his sentences on the
               He incorporates Bible Study in his videos too. His
videos show the Black Madonna, bLack African symbols,
Black African heads that were in mexico, great books
that talk about these things. He is the “BLack Truth”
Collector. All Black people need the truth about
our Black History. You see the whites don’t want us
to have a history, so they omit, lie, destroy evidence.
I have read online so many times about them destroying
evidence of Black African Acheivement, it just keeps
               More and more people need to be aware
of this knowledge. Some of the images you see
in his videos are in the books I have read. He lists
those books on his homepage. So if you want to
know about that book “Blacked out through whitewash”
he video gives you outlines of the book.
                    Some choose to be
in the dark for fear of the truth even if its great,
some choose to be in the dark because they don’t
want to know, but me I’m glad to know the Black Truth.
                        Therefore, I will be researching Black History forever
because I’m so in love with Black Acheivements.
The Black pastor talks about whites stealing our
Black Acheivements. That’s a teaching the pastor
gave that the teachers don’t even teach or get.
We see a pastor that’s very passionate about Black History
as I am.
                        The guy,Chiefliberation, who puts up these videos is
august,grandiose,all those words that mean
magnificent. I give him a standing ovation for his work.
The way he sets up his videos makes it look more and more fun
to make videos and use creativity. So  Chiefliberation is a rapper as well
to go along with all that knowledge he has on Black History. he  is
definitely an incredible rapper. Plus  God is going to bless him
for uplifting us Black people with the truth, because the truth
is what really matters. Truth stays strong, durable, upstanding.

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