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A song called Loving me some Nappy Nappy


  A song that appreciates the beauty

of Nappy Hair. That’s refreshing like cool air.

IT ties in the History of the Black Sphinx

and the History of Black Egyptians into

nappy hair. It’s one of them songs I just

want to keep hearing over and over again.

I love the design of the words and the

way the words sit so gracefully with the

music. Here’s the lyrics ”

Just loving me some nappy nappy

Just loving me some nappy nappy

Sweet kinky naps go back to electromagnetic

 taps from the land of the Blacks, where

the Sphinx Naps, I need a Nappy Headed

DivaI’m her quarterback,

she’s my wide receiver, Forget what society

thinks she’s a high acheiver, Thought

I told you before, I’ll never leave her.”

  This is one of the best songs out of the

many great ones that shows love of black.

              It’s completely accepting of Nappy

hair. It’s a love of nappy hair in a song,

that says that the people saying it can’t

get enough. Their words draw the picture

like a statue built in honor of someone.

THeir words become the words that bounce

back and forth in the brain. It just never

leaves how that emphasize the words and

how the words are proud and of Royalty.

They have put nappy hair in high regard

like a dynasty. The whole song is special

and great in its entirety



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