African American History · African American Inventors

Bessie Blount, a Black woman can write with her mouth and her toes, and does not want her inventions in museums because she wants people to see her inventions for free!


             Like all other Black inventors,

Bessiee Blount is a Black inventor that

makes me proud. What she said, though

was unique. She refused to have her inventions

in a museum because she did not want

people to have to pay to see her inventions.

            She said she would take her inventions to

schools where people can hold them and

touch them. Bessie really wants us Black

people to know we are history.

          Bessie Blount can  write with her

 mouth and her toes.This she learned after

 a teacher did not want her to write with her
left hand.

             So Bessie Blount, a Black

woman wants to move to Hapton Roads

where she can spread out and let

students to ask her questions for free.

Indeed, people with no arms,

or no feet, can use her technique to

their advantage.

                   Her experience and
her teaching is to not let things

stop you. There are problems in the

world that are ridiculous and serious

as costing an arm and a leg. Then there
are people who don’t have both arms
or both legs or either or. And Bessie
is especially an inspiration to handicapped

people, because they need a way
to live more comfortably. But she is
still a definite inspiration to all.
                I salute Bessie Blount, the wonderful
Black inventor standing up for Black
women and Black men, all Black people
and being one of the MANY BLack inventors
that show those people what we can do
and what we did!


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