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Bessie Blount, A Black woman invented the feeding tube


It’s a blessing,very fortunate to
be able to eat by yourself and not be
disabled. It’s a clear blessing to not
have to use a feeding tube. But for those
who do, Bessie Blount did them a favor
because she invented it.

Bessie Blount is a Black woman

who had to go through alot of frustration

more than other inventors. Some countries
accepted her inventions, while others
did not. Bessie Blount was into physical

Bessie Blount was born in Hickory,
VIrginia in 1914. Blount was an inventor
of the apparatus that was made to help
the amputees that had permanent injuries
in World War II.

Bessie’s first invention was
the feeding device she designed in 1951.
She then showed it to the American
Veteran’s Administration but they
did not have any interest in it
THe French government bought it.

Since she went into physical
therapy, she found out the need
for emesis basin. She made one
and took it to the American Veteran’s
Administration and yet again they
denied her. But Belgium bought it.

It’s like the same thing kept
happeninng, the same thing with her
being denied. But she kept going,
which is the strong and focused
and determined thing to do.

By 1969, She became a forensic
scientist and went into law.
She was known as the first
African American woman to go
work for England’s Scotland Yard.




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