How to speak the Black African Language Yoruba!

Inspiration comes from different

places. So, that leads to stories and

articles and other creative forms of writing

and ideas. Particularly, I got the idea

to write about the Black African language

yoruba because of a comment I got on a Blog.

A black African woman left me a comment speaking

the language so it piqued my interest in learning about this language I never heard
of until she brought it up.

Now, for the yoruba language:

Good morning is K’aro

Good Afternoon is Ka’san

Good evening is Ku’role

Good night is Od’aro

Good Bye is Odabo

Long time no see is O t’ojo meta

Please is jo

Thank you is O se

Yes is Be’ni

No is Oti

So its great that there is a site

that helps people to learn the

language of Yoruba. It even has an area

where you can hear the audio of the

word for pronunciation. I think it’s a

extraordinary language. It’s cool, it’s

fun. It’s jazzy.



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