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The African American Writer’s Handbook-How to get your book published and other things about being a Black Author!


Love  to write? Well i found a book called “The African American Writer’s Handbook”. Just as us African Americans

read and enjoy books, we definitely write

some great books. Me, I am in the process

of writing my own poetrybook. But I want tos

say there is a list of Black Historians who

have written great books on Black History.

But no matter what topic you write about,

 I found a resource for us Black people

to make it easier on us for publishing books

in this competitive field.

             “THe African American Writer’s Handbook”   shows us tips for :

          Publishing, book production

  Submitting proposals , query letters and


          NEgotiating contracts that lengthen


               How to use online research for both

research and profit

              Interviews with experienced people

like top editors, agents, publishing

executives and bookstore owners

            Updated info on copyrights,

subsidiary rights, sales and marketing

             The triumphs involved in self-


              How to promote your work and

yourself to a bigger audience

           Economic realities of marketing

           This book talks about famous

African American book writers and what

they did to acheive success. So that

adds to the book because it gives

examples. It gives rolemodels and

examples give people ideas.



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