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1001 Things Everyone should know about African American History ( a book)


 Now that I’ve bought this book,

I can let you know I bought it. It’s a cool

book. The title of the book already says

alot. Any Black History book is cool

because its valuable information,

it lets you know about the great

things my Black People did.

                 I’ve seen books on

where there are some Black Inventors.

I always crave more. Those books are

good. Its even better when the author

includes alot of Black inventors.

             But the book I’m discussing right

now is the book 1001 Things Everyone

Should know about African American

History. Two people I know want this

book because I brought up the title.

                     But as let more people know

more people will buy. The author of

the book “1001 things Everyone should

know about African American History”

is by Jeffrey C. Stewart.

                 This book come is written in


Part 1- Great Migrations

Part 2- Civil RIghts and Politics

Part 3- African Americans in the Military

Part 4- Culture and REligion

Part 5-Invention Science,and Medicine

Part 6- Sports

        For the great migration, it goes into

details about the first African American

Colonizer, the African American Steamship,

African American first settlers in Ohio

Valley, African Americans wanting to

make Oklahoma Territory an all Black

State, etc. ( A whole lot more)

              For Civil Rights and Politics, it

discusses Black people in Congress,

Southern Tenant Farmers Union,

Black Caucus, etc (There’s alot more

to be discovered)

                      For African Americans in the

military, A Black Sailor, Civil War

Battles of African Americans, etc

(Lots more)

                     For African Culture,

  •            The African contribution of the banjo,
  • African American folklore,
  • Black people composed the song “I wish I was in a Dixie Land (A song a white man

      stole credit  for when he did not write it)

  •  Black Sculptor
  •  Harlem Renaissance
  • King Oliver, a Black man who was the first to introduce New Orleans jazz to a northern audience, etc ( alot more)

        For the Invention section of the book

it discusses things such as:

  •                The Africans coming up with

  the rice plant.

  •             Africans being the best fishermen
  •            How ironsmithing was developed

by AFricans

  •          Black Mathematician
  •    How Black Doctors were preferred

over white doctors and why it was so.

          For the Sports Section it discusses:

  •          African Americans in boxing
  •  White Boxers refuse to fight Black Boxers
  •  The Harlem Globetrotters
  • First African Americans in the NBA
  •  AFrican American cyclist
  •  Black Bowling Association
  •  Black person who invented golf tee
  • Weightlifting, gymnastics, football, ice skating, Tennis, lacrosse, Olympic

Gold medalist of African  AMericans.      

              So it covers different areas.

It has 384 pages of information about

AFrican AMericans.

          You can get the book at this url:

         Any questions, let me know..


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