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Distinguished African American scientists of the 20th century (the book)

This book called Distinguished African American scientists of the 20th Century”
has 4 authors. This book  covers the Black scientists both alive and deceased.
They have a biography. In the book, they elaborate on some known scientists and
scientists most people have not heard of. THis book involves Black men and Black
women who are experienced in anthropology, biology, chemistry, engineering,
geology,math, medicine, and physics.  THe four authors of this book are
teachers, librarians,  and writers.
                         IT sounds like a winner because it’s a Black History book that
credits black people for their acheivements So I have no doubts that this is a winner.
As soon as possible,I would get this book.  I’m always looking for books with this
kind of information. It gives me joy to read books about Black History.
Oh, here is the url to the book:

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