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African Holistic Health (A book by Black African people about how to make people well naturally)

covers_ahh.gifEveryone who is sick want to be healed

for a better life, to feel better, to

be able to do more things without a

struggle. So I’m glad for books like

this from an African perspective. SO

many things got messed up with the

European perspective.

African Holistic HEalth is a

best seller book. This book teaches about

Natural Healing, the Black African way.

I’m ALWAYS interested in the Black African

way. SO that’s already got me excited.

I feel jumping up and down. This book

teaches medical info NOT found in

Allopathic medicine. Naturopathic teachers

come to him for consultation and training.

Many of Dr. Afrika’s students

get a future as doctors of natural healing.

The reason why African medical treatments

have been eliminated from textbooks is

because of Europeans causing Black people

to be in a bad situation.

They want to label Black African

Holistics as unscientific and superstitious.

Well, I know if they practiced the Black

way the world would not be in this situation.

The Ancestral teachings of Black

African Healing Arts taught practitiioners

that :

All things in nature are related

All matter in nature came from the One

Divine Source

All creation is related or alike, but

each living organism is original and


All life and matter was created for a

certain reason, a specific divine purpose.

The site where you can buy the book:

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